Why Assertible?

At Assertible we believe that your API, website, or HTTP service is what makes the web such a powerful place. We strive to provide solutions that empower developers, testers, and individuals with the confidence and peace of mind that their business critical applications are available and correct.

Assertible - Web service testing for developers and QA professionals

Our mission

Founded in 2015, Assertible is challenging the status quo in API and website performance testing and uptime monitoring by pushing the limits of what traditional platforms provide. We believe every API and website plays a crucial role in connecting the world, and gaining confidence in the quality of these services is at the forefront of every decision we make.

In the growing sphere of HTTP services, having a solid foundation on which to ensure your services are working as expected is critical for any business or individual who regards uptime and correctness as an imporant part of their service.

Assertible mission statement

Our process

Everything we do at Assertible is grounded in the belief that your service is the most important part of not only your business, but the businesses of your users and consumers as well. We work with companies and individuals of all shapes and sizes to help them gain a better understanding of the intricacies of their APIs.

The team at Assertible is focused on always learning and always iterating. Keeping up with the fast-paced world of technologies allows us to build solutions and tools that increase the quality of your services.

Assertible mission statement

Our products

Assertible provides modern tools and services for ensuring the uptime and availability of your APIs and websites, and the correctness of your data. Our goal is to give you the big picture of your web service's performance and to empower even non-technical employees with a better understanding of the business.

Not least, we want to hear from you! Every team member at Assertible agrees that the most important part of our products are the people who use them, their needs, and their ideas. Join the thousands of developers signed up for Assertible do your part in bringing quality to all services on the web.

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Our founders

Christopher Reichert headshot

Christopher Reichert, CEO

Christopher Reichert, co-founder, focuses on the high-level goals and direction of Assertible. He has an eye for identifying and adapting new processes to push the team and customers forward. Christopher is a leader in generating unique solutions and creating high quality products.

Cody Reichert headshot

Cody Reichert, CTO

Cody Reichert, co-founder and technical lead, is keen on advancing the product and has a propensity to innovate new and novel solutions. He believes working with and talking to people is the best way to build great solutions, and is a leader in creating and acheiving long-term goals.

Proudly trusted by these great companies

Proudly trusted by these great companies

Swap Tech uses Assertible for post deployment API testing
Drift uses Assertible test test their APIs
Safewill uses Assertible to ensure the uptime of their public web services
Unbxd uses Assertible for monitoring their public web services
Glassix uses Assertible to validate their API responses
SimplyRETS uses Assertible test test and monitor their public API
Identibyte uses Assertible to monitor API uptime
Grove Technologies uses Assertible validate their JSON API responses
Pechakucha uses Assertible for web service uptime monitoring
Tech Creations uses to validate end-user workflows on their API.
Tech Creations uses to validate end-user workflows on their API.
Tapa.cc uses Assertible to get notified of API downtime
MyWheels uses Assertible to integrate API testing with GitHub

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