Continuously test your web services

Teams and individuals gain confidence in crucial infrastructure by using Assertible to continuously test and monitor APIs and websites.

Simplify the way you test

Assertible prevents bugs from making it into production by automating manual testing, running assertions against staging environments, and integrating alerts into your current toolchain.

Import your web service

Web services are the cornerstone of your Assertible workflow. Import your API or website by uploading a Swagger spec or by entering the settings. Once your service is added, you can quickly visualize the status of any endpoint and start adding tests.
Assertible REST API tests

Add tests and assertions for your endpoints

Create tests to verify that your service is working as expected. For example, assert that the /users endpoint returns a 200 status code.

Assertible GitHub status checks
Every API has different testing requirements. With Assertible, you can add custom assertions to a test that validate any part of the HTTP response.

Assertible GitHub status checks

Assertible and Slack integration

Get notified when tests fail

A critical part of testing your web service is being alerted when API failures occur. Assertible lets you customize how to send alerts about test activity; like a message in Slack or an email.

Assertible's alerts will link you directly to the failing test and give you extended details of the problematic assertion.

Continuous testing

Automatically run your tests when you deploy new changes to staging or production. Each service has a Trigger URL you can use to run your tests from anywhere, like CI.

The Assertible GitHub integration adds status checks to your pull requests so you can test your changes before they're in production.
Assertible GitHub status checks

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