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Use Assertible for free as an individual or organization. When you've outgrown our free tier, upgrade to one of the plans below.

  • Web services
  • Tests per service
  • Result retention
  • Members
  • Schedule frequency

Take full advantage of all of Assertible's powerful automated testing and uptime monitoring tools.

  • 2
  • 10
  • 1,000
  • 1-2
  • Standard (2 monitors)


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Keep tabs on your API and web applications with enhanced monitoring and higher result retention.

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Add team members from your organization to collaborate on API testing and monitoring your web services.

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  • 500
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Work across your organization to build a robust testing and QA pipeline for your most critical web services.

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Proudly trusted by these great companies

Proudly trusted by these great companies

Swap Tech uses Assertible for post deployment API testing
Drift uses Assertible test test their APIs
Safewill uses Assertible to ensure the uptime of their public web services
Unbxd uses Assertible for monitoring their public web services
Glassix uses Assertible to validate their API responses
SimplyRETS uses Assertible test test and monitor their public API
Identibyte uses Assertible to monitor API uptime
Grove Technologies uses Assertible validate their JSON API responses
Pechakucha uses Assertible for web service uptime monitoring
Tech Creations uses to validate end-user workflows on their API.
Tech Creations uses to validate end-user workflows on their API. uses Assertible to get notified of API downtime
MyWheels uses Assertible to integrate API testing with GitHub

Common questions

How long can I use Assertible for free?

Forever! You can use Assertible as long as you need, and if you need to test more web services or add more frequent health checks, check out the upgrade options above.

Are there any per-user fees?

No, there is only one monthly charge per account. Each plan has a limited number of members you can invite.

What if I need higher limits?

Check out one of the paid plans above! If you're a solo developer/tester, or a team with multiple people, we should have something that fits your need. If not reach out and let us know - we can get you set up.

Do you have request limits per month?

Instead of limiting the number of requests you can make, limits are placed on the number of results you can see for those requests, the number of tests you can create, how frequently you can run schedules, etc.

Can I try an upgrade before paying?

For all paid plans, we currently offer 1 free month so you can try out the premium web service testing features without hesitation. If you have any questions, reach out and we'll be happy to help get you set up.

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

Yep. When you upgrade or downgrade your account, all charges are automatically pro-rated. That means if you need to, you can cancel any time.

What types of payments do you accept?

We currently support Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. We do not accept PayPal or send P.O. invoices. Reach out any time if you need to use a method of payment we don't support.

Assertible helps identify and prevent user-facing bugs in APIs and web applications.

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Debug API failures and responses

Get insight on API failures

Debugging API and website failures can be tough, especially in production. With Assertible, you can see a detailed overview of the test assertion results and every part of the HTTP request.

Spend less time wondering why your API is failing and more time fixing it.

Collaborate with your team

Create an organization to help your team communicate failures faster, diagnose problems with web services, and work closely on testing business logic.
Work with your entire organization

Features for QA Professionals

Assertible is for QA professionals, developers, and anyone who runs a web service. Assertible's tools for API and website testing provide an easy and powerful way to ensure the uptime, availability, and correctness of your HTTP services.

Post deployment testing

Post deployment testing

Post deployment testing can uncover errors quickly when deploying new code. Assertible's deployments API allows you to test your web app after every deployment.

Swagger API Testing

Swagger API automated testing

Importing your Swagger API spec will get you set up with initial apis, tests, and assertions. Assert that your API works like it should.

Monitor uptime and availability

Monitor uptime and availability

Monitor the uptime and availability of all your critical API's. Encode your business logic in assertions and keep your team updated with integrations.

Turnkey HTTP Assertions

Turn-key tests and assertions

Assertible makes testing your APIs and web applications more powerful by allowing you to easily create robust and meaningful assertions for your web app.

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You can use Assertible for free and upgrade to a paid plan at any time.