Looking for an alternative to Postman?
Meet Assertible.

Assertible is an easier and more efficient way to test your web services. Here's a few reasons why:

Assertible is an alternative to Postman

API oriented design & workflows

The Assertible dashboard is designed to model your real-world web services and makes it simple to understand the health of an API or website at a glance by visualizing endpoints, results, and metrics in a single view.

API performance monitoring and metrics with Assertible

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No code required

Assertible has reliable built-in assertions based on RESTful API testing best practices to help your team quickly get the job done and reduce the test maintenance burden.

Be more productive by using Assertible's flexible suite of assertions for testing REST APIs, validating HTTP status codes, header content, JSON schemas, nested JSON data, and more with zero code.

JSON Schema validation with Assertible
Assertible's point-and-click JSON Schema validation assertion

Testing in Postman requires writing custom JavaScript code to validate HTTP payloads which can be difficult to maintain and costs teams time and energy to configure.

Custom JavaScript required in Postman
Postman checks for Status code and header validation require Javascript code

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Looking for more reasons to use Assertible? Check out this comparison of Assertible and Postman.

Built-in monitoring, automation, and alerts

Test automation is the future, and Assertible is making it available to developers and testers everywhere.

Assertible Slack alerts and notifications

Endless ways to automate

Automate your web services tests for free using Assertible's built-in automation options:

Postman's automation options are not included in the core product and require manual external integrations or paid accounts to experiment with basic monitoring and continuous integration automation.

Continuously test & track regressions

Assertible supports modern DevOps workflows like continuous integration and delivery pipelines:

Build the ultimate quality assurance pipeline for your web service using Assertible in your DevOps workflows.

Assertible Slack alerts and notifications

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Looking for more reasons to use Assertible? Check out this comparison of Assertible and Postman.