Looking for an alternative to Runscope?
Meet Assertible.

Assertible is an easier and more efficient way to test your web services. Here's a few reasons why:

Assertible is an alternative to Runscope

Visualize your API performance

Assertible's service oriented dashboard is made for maximum productivity so you can quickly view the health of your API, tests, and results, all in one view, and focus on what's important.

API performance monitoring and metrics with Assertible

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Truly codeless API testing

Unlike other services, you don't need to write any code to validate your APIs with Assertible. Our built-in assertions help you get your job done faster and make test maintenance a breeze.

We want to make testers and developers more productive by providing a vast and flexible suite of assertions to help you test your REST API, website, or any other HTTP service, with zero code.

JSON Schema validation with Assertible
Assertible's point-and-click JSON Schema validation

Runscope, on the other hand, requires writing custom JavaScript code to make simple assertions, like validating a JSON schema, which turns into a maintenance burden as testing requirements change.

Custom JavaScript required in Runscope
JSON Schema in Runscope requires a script

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Looking for more reasons to use Assertible? Check out this comparison of Assertible and Runscope.

Use industry standard best practices

Assertible's primary focus is reliability. We've spent a lot of effort architecting our test execution model to promote API testing best practices used at companies like Google.

Runscope has a free-form test execution structure that, while flexible, can result in flaky tests and difficult debugging due to complex steps and embedded logic.

Test multiple API environments with Assertible

First-class automation and integrations

Test automation is the future, and Assertible is making it available to developers and testers everywhere.

Assertible GitHub status checks

Endless ways to automate

We believe in continuous testing. These are just a few of the ways you can integrate automated API testing into your workflow:

Runscope prevents free users from taking advantage of automation like schedules and triggers which can make it difficult to evaluate your use-case, especially if you you in the process of building out your tests.

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Looking for more reasons to use Assertible? Check out this comparison of Assertible and Runscope.