11/13/2018 Changelog Christopher Reichert

Automatically import JSON Schema assertions from your OpenAPI V3 documents, a new free JSON Schema validation API, and support for OpenAPI nullable.

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Today we are excited to announce a new feature for our OpenAPI V3 integration:

Automatically import JSON Schema assertions from OpenAPI V3 Responses.

When you import an OpenAPI v3 definition, Assertible automatically creates JSON Schema assertions for Response objects. This makes it much easier to continuously validate errors in your API payload with little effort:

OpenAPI v3 Response JSON Schema validation failure from an imported Assertible assertion

To get started, sign in and create a new web service from an OpenAPI v3 definition that contains Response schemas.

OpenAPI v3 JSON Schema compatibility

If you're familiar with OpenAPI or Swagger, you may be aware that the OpenAPI Schema definition is an extended subset of JSON Schema. The OpenAPI spec defines several fields that are specific to OpenAPI's JSON Schema subset.

The field we wanted to tackle up-front was nullable which specifies whether a field in an API response can by null (as opposed to omitting it).

Assertible handles several nullable field variants by default, and Assertible handles the most common use-cases. See our OpenAPI JSON Schema compatibility docs for the specific transformations applied to your JSON Schema assertions.

If you have any OpenAPI JSON Schema compatibility issues you would like Assertible to address, please open our chat box or send a feature request email to admin at assertible dot com.

Free JSON Schema Validation API

Our team works with JSON Schema and OpenAPI documents extensively. We have built some tools internally that help us work with JSON Schema documents much faster and wanted to share it with everyone for free:

Free JSON Schema Validation API

Using the API is very simple, simple POST your documents to the /json endpoint:

$ curl "https://assertible.com/json" -d'{
  "schema": {"type":"object"},
  "json": {}
{"errors":[], "valid": true}

Feel free to use this API for validation, testing, and experimentation purposes. It's completely free and does not require an Assertible account to access it.

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