02/27/2018 Featured Cody Reichert

This post contains the slides and resources used in a talk given at Index Developer Conference about High Level Lessons Learned in Automated API/application testing within continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

At Assertible we've helped thousands of teams and developers improve their API and application testing practices by providing tools that ease the burden of software testing and make it easy to build a robust automated testing pipeline. We were asked to give a talk about some of the high-level lessons we've learned from testing different APIs and applications, and we wanted to share our slides and resources with you directly:

This post contains the full slides and presentation used at our talk at IBM's Index Developer Conference 2018 , along with a few resources to learn more about API testing best practices. Visit some of the sections below:

Presentation slides

Find anything in the slides that need to be corrected? Let us know!.

The resources used to create the presentation come from all kinds of teams, developers, and testers. We've written many blogs on the topic and have aggregated links and useful resources for learning more about the topic. Check out some of these below:

  • The Assertible blog has years worth of thoughts and tutorials for API testing, quality assurance, and automated testing in CI/CD pipelines. Look around and see what you can find!
  • The Google Testing Blog is an amazing resource from some of the top testing engineers in the world. They've written on a myriad of topics for end-to-end testing, best practices, and more.
  • Martin Fowler's website contains some of the best resources for learning about methologies and practices about testing in general. The topics span far and wide with the goal of improving software quality for applications of any size.
  • James Bach's Blog combines James' years experience and expertise in the industry to shine some light on what the future holds for testers and QA.

These are just a few of our favorite blogs and resources and the list is definitely not comprehensive. Do you of any other websites or papers we should check out? We'd love to hear it - drop us a line.


Interested to learn more or want us to come talk to your team about API testing best practices? We're always here to help, just send us a message or reach out on Twitter and let's talk!

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