07/26/2016EngineeringCody Reichert

This package provides a function to be run on AWS Lambda that sends CloudWatch notifications to your Slack channel. Check out the repo

Better Slack notifications for AWS CloudWatch

We released a new package for sending better AWS CloudWatch notifications to your Slack channel: lambda-cloudwatch-slack. Check it out on GitHub or NPM.

The repo provides a function that can be deployed to AWS Lambda and sends your CloudWatch alarms to a Slack channel. The README contains all the info you need on setting it up.

Improving default AWS messages

The default message aren't pretty and are tough to decipher. Using this function to send your messages improves on the default in several areas. Here's some screenshots:

AWS CloudWatch Notification for Slack

AWS CloudWatch Notification for Slack

Elastic Beanstalk notifications

Elastic Beanstalk Slack Notifications

Further improvements and contributing

If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to open an issue on GitHub or send us a message on Twitter. Contributions are appreciated, you can open a pull request.

Assuredly yours,

Cody Reichert