06/26/2016 Engineering Cody Reichert

Testing your API shouldn't be harder than writing it.

Today we're happy to release new assertions for testing your website and API. Testing can quickly become complicated, but it shouldn't be. Assertible's simplified assertions allow you run known-to-be-valuable tests against your live web service. We've split the new assertions up into a couple of groups: Website 101 and API 101. To try these out on your own website, sign up for a free account and enter a URL.

Assertible - Simplified website testing

New Assertions

All of these links go to the documentation

Website 101

API 101

Simplifying assertions and how they're created makes your tests, and your time, more valuable. All of the new assertions can be enabled with just a click and some can take additional configuration options to make more specific assertions.

After running your test, you'll see the results of each assertion on the Test Results tab:

Assertible - Web service testing results

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