Assertible Organizations allow you to work closely with your whole team by sharing access to web services, tests, and more.

Fig 1.0 Assertible Organizations

Create an organization

You can create a new organization from the Organization Settings page of your dashboard. Fill out the form on this page with the following information:

Name: The name of your organization

Email: The administrator email for your organization. Note: this email will be used for notifications and alerts.

Invite a team member

You can invite new team members to your organization by visiting the Members page of your Organizations. In this form, you'll provide the email address and role of the new member.

The role of a new member is either Member or Admin. Organization admin's can delete services and other members, while other members can not.

Cancel an organization invitation

If you need to cancel an invitation to an organization after it has been sent, you can do so from the Organization Members page. Every pending invitation will show in the members list with an option to "Cancel invite":

Fig 1.0 Cancel organizations invitation