3/28/2017 Changelog Cody Reichert

Execute your web service tests against any environment directly from the dashboard, and get a status badge for all of your environments. Start testing today.

Continuous testing and monitoring takes place throughout the entire development cycle: from writing features on your local machine, to testing changes on staging environments, and deploying new versions of your application to production. Your automated API tests should help you understand the status of each environment and how your tests are performing across releases.

Assertible has first-class support for testing different web service environments via deployments and Trigger URLs. Today, we're proud to release new features that allow you to execute tests on any of your environments directly from the dashboard!

Run tests against different web service environments

This gives teams a way to run pre-defined tests against any instance of your application - like a staging environment or review app. Using a tool like ngrok, you can even test a web service running on localhost, tightening the feedback loop for API developers writing new features or bug fixes.

Test your web services
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Environments for status badges

Web service status badges now support an environment parameter to instantly view the status of your APIs from anywhere. Status badges can be used anywhere, like in a GitHub README or API documentation, to give your users insight into the status of your services. Learn more about getting a status badge for your APIs in the docs.

Web service status badges for environments

Web service environments and status badges are available for all accounts, free and paid. Sign up today and start continuously testing your web services. Is there a feature for environments you'd like to see? Send us a message or reach out on Twitter and let's talk!

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