06/14/2017 Changelog Cody Reichert

In many cases, an API or web service has a common set of HTTP headers and query parameters that can be used on a request. When testing your API, it's a good idea to try various combinations of these values. But typing them out every time is redundant and time consuming!

This is why we're excited to release a new feature that allows you to enable and disable any HTTP header or query parameter to allow for quicker iterations on creating tests.

Enable and disable request headers and query parameters in Assertible

Enable and disable request headers

In the Request headers section of each test, you'll see a new Checkbox next to each item that allows you to toggle it on and off for the current request. As you set up requests to test your web service, this helps debug the response with different header inputs.

Learn more about configuring request headers.

Enable and disable query parameters

Similar to headers, it's useful to toggle query parameters for a request. For example, when trying to reproduce a bug in your web service or determine if a certain query changes how the API responds, turning query parameters on and off can help save time configuring your tests. This is now possible on the Query parameters section of every test.

Learn more about configuring query parameters.

Future development

This is just the start of many improvements we plan on making to Assertible. Have an idea for how we can improve the API testing experience? Shoot me a message on Twitter or reach out directly and let's chat!

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