06/12/2017 Changelog Christopher Reichert

As you create new tests for your web app and push new features to production, you'll want to run your tests on a schedule to continuously validate your web services availability and data integrity. These new schedule features will help you improve your web service monitoring.

We've spent a lot of time gathering feedback and use-cases about different approaches to testing and monitoring web services. The more we learn about these use-cases, the more we're able to improve Assertible, and particularly Assertible's API monitoring features.

Today, we're excited to announce new features and updates to web service monitoring in Assertible.

Multiple monitoring schedules

One of the biggest use-cases we've seen is the need to run multiple schedules. Sometimes you want to run web service health checks more frequently than data validation tests. Assertible now supports this with multiple monitors.

Schedule tests against specific environments

Production isn't always the only environment you want to monitor. Many teams have dedicated environments for dev, qa, or staging that need to be available at all times. Further, issues that pop up on staging environments over time can often indicate problems that may eventually work their way to production.

Assertible now supports schedules that monitor any environment on your web service. For example, if you have a staging and production environment, you can set up a separate schedule for each.

Start monitoring your API or website today

Next steps to improve web service monitoring

This is the just the start. At Assertible, we know how critical it is to continuously test and monitor your web services. Downtime hits at unexpected times and our goal is to provide a tool anyone can use to improve their QA pipeline. If you'd like to learn more about how Assertible improves on existing monitoring solutions, check out our blog Improving web service downtime alerts by comparing Pingdom and Assertible

Have an idea for a feature? We've love to hear it! Reach out on Twitter or contact us any time and we'll chat.


:: Christopher Reichert


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