3/20/2017 Changelog Cody Reichert

We're excited to announce that Assertible has a new integration with Zapier; create a Zap that triggers when your API tests are run to send results to other services.

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Zapier is a service that makes it easy to send data between web apps. Assertible's new Zapier integration allows you trigger a Zap when your API tests are run. The test result is then sent to Zapier, and can be used in other services; like logging results in a Google spreadsheet, or sending a text message when tests fail.

Using your test result data to augment other metrics and services opens up a wide range of possibilities for managing and testing your API. Learn more about the Zapier integration and how to start working with your web services in the the documentation.

All of Assertible's integrations are available on free accounts, so you can get started today. The Zapier integration is currently in beta, so if you have a feature request or questions, feel free to send us a message or reach out on Twitter any time.

:: Cody Reichert


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