5/27/2017 Changelog Cody Reichert

We're excited to release two new features in the Assertible dashboard that will improve how you manage your API tests and view deployment tes result history.

An important part of continuously testing your web services is having a high-level overview of your tests, and being able to drill down to specific results quickly. To bring this to Assertible, we've been working on two new improvements that are available today:

Enhancing API test management

The Tests tab of your web service is great way to quickly see all of your API tests and their current passing or failing status. To improve this even more, we investigated the most common pieces of information that you want to see about your tests at-a-glance and incorporated these into the new Service Tests view:

Deployments API Diagram

This new view will give you quick access to critical information about your tests:

  • Test status with a link to the latest result
  • HTTP method and endpoint the test runs against
  • Total number of assertions and how long since the last run
  • Ability to quickly edit, copy, and run a test

Start continuously testing your web service today.

Linking deployments to test results

The deployments API allows you to run your API tests immediately after your web service is deployed from CI or a deploy script. This is an extremely effective way to validate your deployments and smoke test your application.

In the Deployments History view, we've added a link directly to the test result that was run for that deployment:

Deployments API Diagram

This was a much needed addition that provides a great way to quickly validate a web app release and test for regressions in a deployment. To get started with the deployments API, check out the docs.

Next steps

Our goal at Assertible to to make web service testing effective, easy, and accessible. We'll continue researching the most common patterns and other ways we can make automated API testing reliable.

Do you have any ideas or feedback? I'd love to hear them - send a message on Twitter or contact us any time. To get set up with Assertible, sign up for a free account and start creating tests for your web service!

:: Cody Reichert


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