4/03/2017 Changelog Christopher Reichert

View your web service deployment history and easily make powerful JSON assertions without writing code

Our team has been hard at work adding new features to Assertible which make automated API testing and quality assurance pipelines simple. Our latest batch of shiny new features includes improvements to our deployments API and assertions:

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View recent deployments history

Our deployments API makes it possible to automate your API tests each time you deploy your API or web service.

Now, you can view a history of all deployments:

Web service deployment history

We have plans to expand our support for deployments to make it easy to differentiate which test failures correspond to a version of your application.

JSON path length()

Our JSON path data assertion makes it possible to create powerful assertions which can inspect and extract values from JSON documents. One common use-case we see frequently is the need to get the size or length of JSON arrays and objects in order to make assertions about data integrity.

This scenario is now supported as a first class use-case using the new .length() convenience function with our JSON path selector.

For example, using the following JSON document:

{ "list": [1,2,3] }

The table of assertion configurations below highlights which JSON assertions would pass or fail:

Property Comparison Target Result
.list.length() Equals 3


.length() Greater than 2


.list[0].length() Equals 1


For more examples, see the table in our documentation

Assert not equals

We've added support for asserting data is not equal to a user defined value. This improves the quality of assertions which rely on equality.

For example, the photo below demonstrates assert not equals with two assertions; status code and JSON path data:

Assert HTTP status code does not equal 400

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If you have a feature request or questions, feel free to send us a message or reach out on Twitter any time.

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