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TL;DR: Run tests against your web service every time you deploy a new version of your application from Heroku. Try it free.

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  1. Configure GitHub to connect w/ Heroku

    In the Heroku dashboard, navigate to the app you would like to test and click the Deploy tab.

    Heroku dashboard

    In the Deployment method section, select GitHub

    In the Connect to GitHub section, select a repository (you may need to click Search, see the image below).

    Heroku choose GitHub repository

    Once heroku recognizes your repo, click Connect. This should enable new options titled Automatic Deploys & Manual Deploys. The heroku dashboard should indicate that GitHub is now connected. For more information about setting up Heroku w/ GitHub, click here.

  2. Connect Assertible w/ GitHub

    If you don't already have an Assertible account, you can get started by clicking the link below to sign in with GitHub.

    Sign in with GitHub

    Once you create an account, create your first Assertible test by entering the URL of a web service or importing a Swagger spec. Once you have created a test, navigate to the Deployments tab. Click the Add to GitHub button found on the GitHub integration and select a repository.

    Fig 1.0 GitHub Deployments Integration

  3. Deploy your web service

    At this point, Assertible is completely configured to receive events from GitHub when your app is deployed. To test the integration, you can push code or do a manual deployment from the Heroku dashboard.

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