04/25/2016FeaturedCody Reichert

We're proud to announce Assertible, a tool for testing and monitoring production web services.

What is Assertible?

Assertible is a testing and monitoring service for websites and API's, primarily focusing on three goals:

  • Easily create robust and meaningful assertions for your web app.
  • Monitor your web services and notify you and your team when things aren't working as expected.
  • Integrate with familiar third-party services (like Slack and GitHub!) so you can immediately reap the benefits, however you like to work.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to import a Swagger spec (Swagger spec). The video below shows a quick demo setting up tests for the Hacker News API using a Swagger spec.

Learn more

Sign up for a free account and try it out! You can start adding your own websites, get started with some of the demo API's, or add tests for any other service.

We would love to hear any of your feedback, you can reach us on the contact page.

Assuredly yours,

Cody Reichert