08/13/2018 Changelog Cody Reichert

When your API tests start to grow in numbers, being able to manage, group, and easily take action on certain tests is essential. We've made some big updates to the way API test are managed in a web service.

Working with your test cases at a higher level is a big part of the testing process and we're excited about this new set of changes. There are two big new features available in the dashboard today:

These improvements streamline how you work with your API tests as whole, or in smaller categories with groups, and make it simple to update multiple tests at once. Read more below on more of the details and features.

Variable autocomplete in Assertible

Bulk test management and searching

Bulk test management is a big enhacement to how you work with tests in Assertible, so we're pumped about some of the possibilities we have now.

On the Tests page of a service, it is now possible to copy, delete, and add multiple tests to and from a group, and also to search and filter the list of tests in various ways. Here's a rundown of what's new:

  • Copy and delete multiple tests
  • Add and remove multiple tests from a group
  • Filter tests by certain groups
  • Search for tests by name and description

These new features are geared towards simplifying working with a large number of tests, and also grouping and viewing more specific sets of tests.

Test groups

If you've been using Assertible for a while, you may remember test groups from a long time ago -- and they're back!

Groups allow you to label and categorize your API tests into smaller sets, making it easier to view and take action on similar tests. In the test list view of your service, add and edit groups by clicking the Groups tab.

The list of tests can be filtered by certain by groups by clicking the Groups dropdown at the top of the list. Tests can be added and removed from a group by clicking the checkbox next to the test(s) and then using the Group action menu to manage the groups.

Request for feedback

We love to talk about what works and what doesn't for your use-case and what we can do to make Assertible better for testing your API. If you have any thoughts or ideas about the new features, send us a message, reach out on Twitter, or open the chat box on this page!

:: Cody Reichert


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