06/18/2017 Changelog Cody Reichert

We've been working hard to make API testing easier by providing a platform that helps you create tests and automate monitoring for your web services. One of the primary use-cases we've heard is to have the ability to set up default authentication for each environment. It's here!

The new environment level authentication feature makes it easier and faster to validate your API no matter where it's deployed. By using environment level authentication, you can instantly run your API tests on any URL.

Configure authentication for multiple environments in Assertible

Setting up authentication for your API tests

In Assertible, authentication is architected in such a way to allow the re-use of tests across different environments and URLs. When you create a test against your production API, you should be able to run the same test on dev, staging, or any other environment.

There are 3 places you can configure auth for web services in Assertible:

By default, a test will use the default service auth if it does not define it's own. If the test is running against a specific environment, that environment's default auth will be used for the request. And that's about all there is to it! This allows you to write your tests once and run it against any URL where your API is available.

Next steps

These new features are available for all accounts and any environment. To get started, check out the documentation for environments. If you have any questions or comments, contact us any time - we'd love to hear from you!

This is just the start of many improvements we plan on making to Assertible. Have an idea for how we can improve the API testing experience? Shoot me a message on Twitter or reach out directly and let's chat!

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