3/27/2017 Changelog Cody Reichert

Introducing new metrics for testing and monitoring your web services. Start monitoring today.

An essential part of testing your APIs and web services is having access to a real-time view of performance, problematic endpoints, and service accessibility. API status needs to be more than a pass or fail to really understand what your application's consumers are experiencing.

Assertible API testing and monitoring metrics

Assertible's new web service monitoring and metrics gives insight into the health of your services. Developers and QA teams can now quickly see average response times for requests, average pass rate for the service, and what failures occured in the last few hours. Every time your tests are run, the metrics for your service will be updated based on the most recent test results.

Start monitoring today
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The new web service monitoring metrics are available for all accounts and services in the Assertible dashboard. Is there a metric or data point you would like to see for your API? Let us know or reach out on Twitter, we'd love to talk testing!

:: Cody Reichert


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