3/21/2017ChangelogChristopher Reichert

Assertible's new via property for test results makes it trivial to instantly view where a test result originated.

When API tests fail, it's imperative to understand the source of the failure as quickly as possible. Assertible's new via property for test results allows teams and individuals to instantly view where test results originate. For example, whether a test was executed on a schedule, deployment, or in the dashboard by another teammate, all of which are important indicators on how to properly resolve an issue.

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Knowing how and where tests are being run gives you a better monitoring overview of your API. The test result via property is shown in various places across the dashboard, like in the "Latest activity" stream for a web service:

Assertible activity stream viewing test result via

The test result via is also displayed prominently in our Slack integration:

Assertible failing test result via seen in Slack

The quicker API and web app failures can be understood, the less time teams spend resolving failures.

If you have a feature request or questions, feel free to send us a message or reach out on Twitter any time.

:: Christopher Reichert