05/06/2017 Changelog Christopher Reichert

The new and improved deployments API is capable of integrating with GitHub and your continuous delivery pipeline so you can monitor your web service deployments and test failures directly from GitHub pull requests and other commit references.

The Assertible deployments API is designed to make it simple to initiate automated API and web service integration tests directly from a continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

Before our latest release, getting Assertible's GitHub status checks and deployment events propogated to a repository was non-trivial and required a complicated script or external integrator like Heroku.

Assertible GitHub integration on a pull request

We are happy to announce our deployments API now directly supports propogating creating GitHub deployment events and status checks. These features are directly supported in the user interface (see image above) and greatly enhance the experience of building web service on GitHUb.

The only two requirements are:

  • The web service needs to be connected to a GitHub repo.
  • Use the github: true parameter in the POST body and a valid Git SHA in the ref.

See the deployments API docs here

curl -u $ASSERTIBLE_TOKEN: -XPOST https://assertible.com/deployments -d'{
    "service" : "'"$ASSERTIBLE_API_ID"'",
    "environment" : "staging",
    "version" : "v1",
    "ref" : "ae7ef1c",
    "github" : true

NOTE: This example uses sample data. See the deployments API documentation for more examples.

At Assertible, we collaborate on new features using pull requests. We use Assertible to create GitHub status checks for automated API tests against our temporary staging environments every time someone pushes code.

Assertible GitHub integration on a pull request

We rely on this form of continuous testing to find bugs that are difficult to create unit tests for and to make sure the different web services integrate seamlessly. Additionally, we can jump directly to QA environments after tests have run confident we won't hit regressions that we have tests configured for.

Start continuously testing
Assertible is free to use. Contact us if you have any questions or feedback!


:: Christopher Reichert


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