07/19/2017 Changelog Christopher Reichert

Many API and website testing scenarios require chaining HTTP requests and setting up pre-requisite dynamic data fixtures to validate an endpoint's payload or status code. For this purpose, Assertible has support for setup and teardown steps but has always been limited to a maximum of one setup and one teardown step, for a total of three total steps in a test run(e.g. setup -> test -> teardown).

Today, we are excited to roll out one of the most frequently requested features in Assertible - multiple setup steps.

Test scenarios using multiple setup steps

Testing scenarios using multiple setup steps

Using multiple setup steps allows you to model more complicated API and website user scenarios and is critical to achieving reliable functional and synthetic monitoring for every workflow your API supports.

Multiple test steps shine when it comes to REST APIs with basic CRUD operations as well as website user-scenarios like multiple page visits or forms that require maintaining a session and dynamic data between all requests.

Setup steps can be run in a specific order. Simply enable two or more steps and use the drag and drop interface to change the step number. Setup steps can also use variables defined in a previous step.

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Setup steps are very powerful. However, in order to keep tests as reliable as possible, we recommend using static environment variables whenever the data is not truly dynamic to model pre-requisite data. For example, static auth tokens and test user IDs. The more steps you add to a test, the more likely it is to have flaky results.

Future development

Of course, multiple setups steps would not be complete without multiple teardown steps. We're in the process of building out functionality to support multiple teardown steps and would love to get more community feedback so we can make sure it works for as many use-cases as possible.

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If you have any ideas for new features or improvements I'd love to hear it! Hit me up on Twitter or contact us any time and let's chat!

:: Cody Reichert


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