05/15/2017 Featured Cody Reichert

Learn how to run post deploy smoke tests against your API or website from any Codeship pipeline. Read the full post on Codeship

Codeship is a continuous integration and delivery platform that helps developers reliably build, test, and deploy applications. We teamed up Codeship to create and publish a tutorial for setting up post-deploy smoke tests from any Codeship pipeline using Assertible.

Read the full post here.

Smoke testing your web app helps quickly uncover fundamental flaws in a deployment and ensure it meets a certain level of quality. The best time to run these checks is immediately after a new deployment. Below is an example of some of the smoke tests created in the tutorial.

Post deployment smoke testing in Asesrtible

With Codeship's deployment pipelines and Assertible's deployments API, you can set this up for your own web apps is just a few minutes. Check out the full post on the Codeship blog for a complete walk-through on smoke testing your API or website.

The code for the tutorial can be found in the Ruby example repo on GitHub.

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