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The Assertible GitHub integration makes it easy to automate your QA pipeline by running post deployment API tests every time you deploy your web application. Try it free

Automatically trigger post deployment API tests with the new Assertible GitHub integration. Testing changes on staging and production environments is a critical part of running a web service. Our goal at Assertible is to make web app testing easier and more effective with this 3 step process to automatically test every deployment:

Test deployments with Assertible

How it works

Psst! Don't host your code on GitHub? Check out the Deployments API to integrate with any CI service or script.

To start testing your web application deployments, you simply need to install the Assertible integration and send deployment events to a repository from your CI or CD pipeline. The GitHub Deployments Quick Start guide provides a walk through of the process.

Connect Assertible with GitHub

Assertible connects to your GitHub repository to receive deployment events. Once you're GitHub account is connected, you can configure Assertible to watch your GitHub repository for deployments.

Connect with GitHub
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Integrate with CI

Assertible will run your tests after a succesful deployment. Some continuous integration and deployment providers will work out of the box without any other configuration. For example, see how you can continuously test Heroku GitHub deployments.

Sending deployment events

You can send deployment events to your GitHub repository from any CI provider or custom script. The assertible/deployments repo contains example integrations for popular CI services like Travis-CI and Wercker.

Post-deployment testing examples

Deploy code, run tests

Once you've got your GitHub account connected, and your deployment pipeline is set up to send events, then you're all set! You can now start creating tests for your web service, making assertions, and setting up Slack notifications.

Resources and documentation

If you're ready to get started setting up your post deployment tests, check out these resources:

New feature update

After this original post, we added support for continuous testing status checks on GitHub. If you deploy to a staging or review environment from GitHub Pull Requests, you can add status checks to ensure your API tests are passing before merging new features. Check out the blog post.

Fig 1.0 GitHub Deployments Integration

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