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Run tests against your web services every time you deploy a new version by connecting Assertible to your GitHub account. Try it free.

Assertible now connects with your GitHub account to run your test suites after deploying a new version of your application. Testing new features and deployments are a huge and crucial part of any developers workflow who runs web services. We aim to make this process better and easier, so we have a 3 step process for automatically testing new deployments:

How it works

Test deployments with Assertible

Connect Assertible with GitHub

Assertible connects to your GitHub repository to receive deployment events. You can connect Assertible with your GitHub account by clicking on the button below:

Sign in with GitHub

Integrate with CI

Assertible tests will start running after a succesful deployment. A lot of continuous integration and deployment providers will work out of the box without any other configuration. For example, see how heroku deployments work with Assertible.

Example CI configurations

The assertible/deployments repository contains example configurations for popular CI services. Check out the repo to see how Assertible works with your CI provider.

Deploy code, run tests

Once you've got your GitHub account connected, and your deployment pipeline is set up to send events then you're all set! You can now start creating tests for your web service, making assertions, and setting up Slack notifications.

Resources and documentation

If you're ready to get started setting up your post deployment tests, check out these resources:

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