3/27/2017 Changelog Christopher Reichert

Trigger post-deployment tests and track releases using the Assertible deployments API

The best time to execute automated API tests is immediately after a deployment. Ideally, tests are run as part of a continuous integration and testing pipeline.

Our new Deployments API is designed to make post-deployment testing a first class workflow in continuous integration pipelines. When a new deployment is posted in Assertible, all API tests are executed immediately.

Deployments API Diagram

There are two ways to utilize the deployments API:

  1. From the command-line:

     curl -u access_token: -XPOST https://assertible.com/deployments -d'{
         "service" : "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
         "environment" : "staging",
         "version" : "v1"

    NOTE: This example uses sample data. See the deployment documentation for more examples.

  2. Integrations:

    For example, the GitHub deployments integration. In the picture below, a deployment is created and tests are executed against the assertible-staging environment:

    Assertible GitHub status check

    NOTE: Environments can be configured in the assertible dashboard. See the environment documentation for more examples.

Currently, GitHub is the only supported deployment integration. We plan on having more integrations with deployments like Heroku, Zapier, and Amazon AWS.

Start building your CI pipeline
Assertible is free to use. Contact us if you have any questions or feedback!

Automating API tests after a deployment alleviates the need for redundant manual testing and can also reduce error rates in web services. If you have any questions about continuous testing or feedback on our new API, shoot us a message.


:: Christopher Reichert


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